OMG its HUMP DAY YEAH! What a week its been huh!? So that review was rawk ty as always Ms Maar! *claps and throws glitter!* Shes an awesome reviewer dontcha think!? Well I do!

So this weeks 1st preview is going out to our own lil one! Mssssssssssssssssssssss. Lil! I am so exited to see her preform with us again at Winds! She bring a flare and a spark and she lights up the room! With that said the song she’s doing this week is…

Add N To (X) – Plug Me In

Now My poor lil brain almost POPPED when I heard this song and thought of the 10 million ways she might do this! SO I am stoked to see how she plugs us ALL in *wink winks nudge nudge* Guess we will find out Sunday night! SO stay tuned!

❤ Kyra!