Show Review, Sunday March 22nd: Let the Shams Rock!!

Evening Boys & Girls! Now that all the shamrocks have settled, let’s talk about Sunday’s show at The Winds of the Sahara! Apparently there was an unofficial “theme” last night. Who’d a thought, St Patties Day? Everyone looked so cute and festive in their greenery… Erm, except me. I come out in….. oh nevermind, i’ll get to that soon enough. Ok ok, I’ll get serious here… cough….. Last night was an amazing show with a spectacular line up from start to finish. Starting us out as usual was our Hostess with the mostest our very own Miss Annie Panties. Even Miss Annie was in green! Miss Annie has certainly become the belle of the ball at the Winds shows schmoozing the audience with her womanly wiles. She has even taken up up dancing in some of the acts! Way to go Miss Annie! Another great job!

3-22-2015 - Winds - AnnieOk Guys, so first up was yours truly performing to Rob Zombies, I’m your Boogieman. Yeah, you read right… Rob Zombie’s Boogieman. Not very Irish eh? But I do think Rob comes from a long line of Irish beer drinkers. Or maybe it’s that he drinks beer and “stuff” with old Irish guys. Wait wait! I think it’s that he likes Irish women! Anyway, so tonight, I climbed, well ok, walked down the side of a volcano right into a cemetery with bats n ghosts n stuff. And uh….. all I’ll say is… I was hot! I mean literally!

3-22-2015 - Winds - Maar

Next up was our sexilicious Miss Kyra and her green frocked friends performing to Track 19 – Dancing in green in a beautiful luxurious meadow under a green clouded sky…. trees peppered around them and two amazing white unicorns prance while butterflies flutter about… Total Saint Patricks Day! Awsome job Miss Kyra!

3-22-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Next up was our beautiful Miss Rina performing to Stevie Wonder’s, Superstition. Ok, so we all know what a turd SL can be right? So that was supposed to the the song Miss Rina performed to. But like all things in SL, anything is possible…. So, with an amazing set, an amazing song, an amazing dancer….. Miss Rinas dance had to be put on hold til next time… The SL monster came wanting to show us who’s boss… BUt that’s ok…. Because now, we will get to see Miss Rina’s beautiful performance next Sunday! Bring it Miss Rina! We’ll be waiting!

3-22-2015 - Winds - Rina

Next up for this years St Patties Day festivities performing to Celtic Music, Fear no Darkness was the always entertaining Miss Winnie and all her little leprechaun helpers dancing through the clovers . And um, in the audience! Everywhere I looked there were sexy little leprechauns! Beautiful set! Beautiful dance! Beautiful music! Amazing show as always Miss Winnie!

3-22-2015 - Winds - Winnie

Next up: Miss Kismet performed to Fever Ray’s, The Wolf. Cloaked in a little red hood and cape Miss Kismet danced in front of a little house in a golden autumn forest while a light fog covered the ground … Can we say: BIG – BAD – Werewolf? Quick Miss Kismet! Strip so he runs away!! Like THAT will ever happen eh??? A ravishing show Miss Kismet!!!

3-22-2015 - Winds - Kismet

Red Queen was up next performing The Last Unicorn… Our sexy Miss Red queen danced beautifully in a magical forest dressed in white, her costume mimicking a magical unicorn.. Serene water falls flowed with radiant colors swirling overhead in the sky .. Ever so eloquently she dances out from beneath a tree and dances timelessly upon the rocks where she finally settles in. So beautiful Miss Re Queen.

3-22-2015 - Winds - Queenie

And finally, we have our ICON, Mrs Cyllene performing to Brave’s, Learn Me Right. You know, sometimes I just don’t find the right words to describe certain performances they are just so beautiful. Our Mrs Cyllene did it again with her stage of many colors with if you counted had a few transitions in there. An old Irish farnhouse, transitions into a coutry scene with waterfalls overlooking and then finally transitioning into ruins. Mrs Cyllene choreographerd beautifully having her dancers frolicking in soft silk upon the country side…. Another stellar performance from Mrs Cyllene..

3-22-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

Well kiddies, there you have it….. The Winds of the Sahara Show Review Sunday March 22nd.

As usual I would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support, and Mrs Rebecca for her dedication to her dancers and her guests for striving to offer the most amazing show on the grid to each and every one of you. And most importantly, thank you all, our fans for supporting us every step of our way, we truly do appreciate your love.

So guys, for now that’s it….. we’ll see you next Sunday at The Winds of the Sahara at 5:00PM…. Don’t miss us, you’ll be awfully sorry if you did.. Until next time… We’ll be waiting…

As always… Much love,



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