OMG its THURSDAY! Who stole the week!? Maybe, just maybe I will put that sexy lil she devil, Our lil helper Maar, on the case! Shes good at sniffing out the the culprits! Yup yup thats just what I’ll do!

Well as you see the week tee totally slipped away from me! Thats the bad news the good news is that theres only a few more days til the show!! YAY!!! * cheers and claps and throws glitter and confetti!*

So as I was doing the very famous tech thingie to pick the person to love, grope, and totally molest! My handy dandy magic 8 ball pick the one. the sexy, the always sweet and yummylicious Msssssssssssssssssss Winnnnnnnnie Cake Wonka Cookie Cupcakes sugar Puss!

Now I must say I do love that SL had a name limit cause I think thats what her name would be *hehe love you Winnie!*

So this week we will be blessed with Winnie Fear No Darkness

I mean how cool is this shes going to teach us HOW not to be afraid of the dark! SEE told you she waas awesome sauce! Well I think thats enough of my rambling, but ZOMG I can not *WAIT* for Sunday!

Til then keep smiling, being naked and dance!

❤ Kyra