Hey there Boys n Girls… It’s that time again when I get to play in your sandbox and fill your head with all kinds of crazy thoughts. So here it is Monday, you know? And well I’m just reflecting on last nights show wondering how many of you missed it. I’m gonna just say this. EPIC! Yeah, I know I’ve said that before but last night’s show was amazing! Epic! Stellar! And what ever other adjective ya wanna throw in there. We had a full cast of amazing artists on stage bringing their very best like every other week. What makes last night so different, is the fire was turned up like full bore inferno! You know, they say if you’re ever in danger to scream fire. They say, EVERYONE comes running where there is fire. Yeah, they do…… Fire woman. Smiles**

So… I spose we should get on with the show here…… As you know, our show always starts off with the Hostess as the perverbial Mistress of Ceremonies. Tonight, as her second go round at Winds, Miss Sassy light up the venue with her fire and vigor as she kept the show in some sort of sane order. Trust me that this is no small feat as dealing with us dancers can be a very tiring experience. Divas. Cough. Yes, our little Ms Sassy had her work cut out for her that night.

Well… now not only did our Miss Sassy deliver, but she friggen set the house on fire! Our little Miss Sassy proved to be in her element last night while she moved us so eloquently through the night with her energy and banter that had everyone’s attention! Thank you Miss Sassy for a truly wonderful night of entertaining. 3-15-2015 - Winds - Sassy

So… As they say, on with the show…..

Our first act to grace the stage was my very own performance to Leigh Ann Rhimes rendition of  Some say Love – The Rose. I have to tell you guys, it’s really hard for me to write about my own self, so I’m just going to tell you what I wanted you to see in this set. Beauty. All about beauty. The stage set in beautiful white glimmering curtains. Candles. Thick powdery white columns. Grandeur. A white piano with an amazingly handsome piano player serenading the dancer. Roses, beneath it all, the roses. Beautiful. A ballet whimsical and methodically beautiful. I really enjoyed doing this set. In fact I could hardly contain myself til show time I was so excited. Thank you for allowing me to perform this for you. 3-15-2015 - Winds - MaarNext to hit the stage was our very own beautiful dancer Miss Nova performing to Sia’s – Chandelier. Miss Nova looking her usual sexy self danced across a rose colored stage featuring fittingly, a beautiful chandelier. Just when you get comfortable and setttle in for a nice cozy performance, along comes our Miss Nova and snaps us back to reality and ends up swinging and dancing on that beautiful chandelier. Amazing job Miss Nova!

3-15-2015 - Winds - Nova

Now now kiddies… Next up was our new little Boy Toy Devlin performing to Dio and others, welcome to my nightmare. Now tonight was Devlin’s debut solo at Winds.. And debut he did! Our sexy Mr Devlin came out in a hot… black… dripping with sex outfit(do you call men’s outfits outfits? Seems they would have something a little more manly eh?) Anyway, Mr Devlin danced in a very eerie pool of blue fog in an ominous dark cemetary… LIghtning crashed! And flames ensued! Fire! Woman! Thinking we’re gonna hold onto this little Boy Toy for a while, a long long while… Mr Devlin, Welcome to MY nightmare…… Snickers**

3-15-2015 - Winds - Devlin

Sliding onto that hot sticky stage next was none other than our very own Mistress of sexiness Miss Kyra performing to Coldplays, Princess of the China. As you would have guessed the set was an amazing Asian setting while Miss Kyra  danced an eloquent fan dance performing with friends in her Asian garden. And um, let me just say… BOOBIES! And that people, is why she is…. Mistress of… Another amazing job Miss Kyra!

3-15-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Gracing our stage next was the amazing Miss Kismet performing to The Weekend’s, Earned it. Set along the streets of a seedy city on the adult side of town, Miss Kismet tickled our fancies with a seduction that tempted and pleaded us to play along in her seductive little game. I for one will be exploring the seedier side of town….. Very sexy job Miss Kismet! 3-15-2015 - Winds - Kismet

Ariel! Ariel! Ariel! Performing to Cher’s Dark Lady our very own Miss Ariel  danced her way through the circus grounds which eventually led her back home. I for one waited on pins and needles for the perverbial “Circus Freak” to come jump out from some dark corner knowing our Miss Ariels evil twisted mind. But…. our Miss Ariel spared us… This time! But watch her, you just never never know with her, erm, twisted, sexy brain. I’m watching you Miss Ariel! Amazing performance! 3-15-2015 - Winds - Ariel

Next was another one of my favorite artists the very sexy Miss Queenie performing to Lana Del Ray’s, Young and Beautiful. Her stage was stunning with a black and white winding staircase.Very formal. Very classy. The stage  dimensional with three wondrous tiers and lots of room for our sexy Queen to move about with her flawless moves. Another amazing performance Miss Queenie!

3-15-2015 - Winds - Queenie

Miss Kyshra! FIRE WOMAN! Tonight, our Miss Kyshra performed to The Cults classic, Fire Woman. I have to tell you guys I have a very sentimental attachment to that particular song. We’ll have to chat on that another time. But for now, our Miss Kyshra did that song justice with her performance utilizing nothing else, but fire. Against a black setting, Miss Kyshra danced with the fire! They say you should become your dance, well I mean I think I heard that once… Anyway, Miss Kyshra did just that! Thank you Miss Kyshra!

3-15-2015 - Winds - Kyshra

And finally…… Drumroll….. our final performance of the evening was none other than our brilliantly talented Mrs Cyllene performing to Queen Latifa’s, For the Love of Money. You know, Mrs Cyllene’s performances are simply not like any other. When you talk about telling a story, you’re talking about Mrs Cyllene. So how the story goes is Mrs Cyllene and her friends are bank robbers. Robbery ensues and on comes the get-a-way. Her story ends when the three dripping hot bank robbers jump into a get away vehicle and drive off to spend all dat doe.  Another amazing stellar standing “O” performance from our very own Mrs Cyllene! Erm, did I mention the guard dog? Cheers to the very best on the grid!

3-15-2015 - Winds - CylleneWell folks, there you have it….. our Show Review for Sunday March 15th. I don’t have enough adjectives to describe last nights show. I’m REALLY hoping you did not miss this one! There was a great time had by all and afterwards, well…… party! We contimued and danced the night away on the upper level… Next time, those of you that missed it…. Come dance, mingle, meet the dancers, the hostess’ and the infamous Mrs Rebecca, owner, creator, mentor… erm, everything of the Winds of the Sahara.

On that note, let me just take a moment and thank Mrs Rebecca for yet another week of hard work and dedication to get this show to come together. Another week of keeping the Sahara the best venue to see the best dancers in Sl perform their creations every single week. Every week, new acts, new dances, new performances. Mrs Rebecca keeps it all together and I might add finances the greater portion of that venue… Soooo….. next time you’re in The Winds of the Sahara, take a moment to thank Mrs Rebecca, and reach down into your pockets and drop a few Linden into those buckets(Do not tell Mrs Rebecca I said that!)….

Now, not to take away from our Sponsors who without them there would be no Winds some times. Our sponsors have supported and stayed dedicated to the Winds Family for quite some time now and I simply want to thank each and every one of you for your undying support and commitment to bringing the best entertainment to the grid. You’ll know our sponsors by their seating. Next time you’re at a show, stop and thank those guys for everything they do!

And finally kiddies, thank YOU! Thank you our fans for always being the best audience a Dance Troupe could ever hope for! Thank you for your support, your love, your kindness. Without you all, there just simply would be no reason…. So from the very bottom of my heart, I thank you one and all……

Until next week, Sunday’s at 5:00PM…… We’ll be waiting…..

As always, much love…