The curtain opens….

An intoxicating seductress begins to sway to a sensual tune in front of a classic sports car. The hem of her skirt rises up her thighs exposing sheer black stockings as the streetlights of Amsterdam shine down upon her and the crowd goes wild…

3-15-2015 - Kismet 5


It is a mesmerizing sight that draws the audience in, but have you ever considered the work, the time and the artistry it takes to bring this to the stage? Then welcome to “Anatomy of A Dance.” In this new feature for the Winds of the Sahara Cabaret blog we’ll pull back the curtains and share with you the inspiration, process and fulfillment of our artists’ visions which they bring to you, our audience, every Sunday night.

3-15-2015 - Kismet 3

So where does it start? What does the idea hatch from. For Kismet it started with a song. ” I was adding new music to my Sam and saw his video. I didn’t even know it was in the 50 Shades(of Grey) soundtrack.” The music she is speaking of is “Earned It” by Canadian recording artist The Weeknd. I asked Kismet why this particular song inspired her to perform it onstage: ” I love the Weeknd…love his music. I always slip in a tune of his when I DJ. I like the sensuality of his music I guess. I did read the books but the movie and books had no influence on my choice.” Check out the NSFW video below.

3-15-2015 - Kismet 11

While a lavish set or a sexy costume can really catch the audience’s eye, when it comes down to it the key part of any burlesque performance is the dance. One of the WOW moments of Kismet’s dance was her transition from moving across the stage to the chair dance at the cafe table. It’s one of those things that, when done perfectly, the transition is fluid and barely noticeable. Kismet made it look easy but it truly requires quite a bit of work and creativity to pull it off. “I found a burlesque chair dance and took the dances out of it…loaded it in my Barre HUD and found a chair it worked with.” She had to repeat this with the pole dance toward the end of her set, removing the animations from a dance pole, adding them to her dance hud and using the SpotOn mover system to choreograph it all. Well done Kismet!

3-15-2015 - Kismet 2

So, I’m sure you’re asking yourself just how much time something like this takes to create. Well you are in luck as I asked her that specific question. “Well I knew the pieces I wanted to use, just adapting them to the stage wasn’t that bad…the time consuming thing is the choreography that took me a few hours so probably a week to build the set.” That’s right, Kismet spent a week working on her performance for that 3-5 minutes of glory you see onstage every Sunday. It’s the same for every one of our performers. Their love of dance, of entertaining and of performing in front of the best audience in Second Life is what drives all of them.

3-15-2015 - Kismet 1

And what about that lovely outfit we saw stripped away during her performance?

Cyllene: So tell me about your outfit and how you decided on

              it.  What kind of ‘look’ were you going for?
              Kismet Coy: honestly?
              Cyllene: yes : )
              Kismet Coy: High priced/class call girl lol
              Cyllene: well it certainly fits the song : )
              Kismet Coy: that was the idea 🙂

I think we can all agree on how well that worked out.

3-15-2015 - Kismet 6

And that is the anatomy of a dance. I hope this gives all of you a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of one of our shows and an appreciation of the dedication and effort on display each time that curtain opens. Let us know what you think of our new feature here at Winds and which other performers you would like to hear from in the future. Have a lovely week and we’ll see you again this Sunday.

3-15-2015 - Kismet 7

3-15-2015 - Kismet 12