Winds of the Sahara SignEver wonder who’s eye’s those are that hang so mysteriously on the Winds curtains? Ever wonder if someone’s watching us? Day? Night? Keeping tabs on who’s naughty? **Looks at Kyra.. And who’s nice…. **Grins in the mirror… I mean, they appear to be just ordinary curtains right? With eyes…. *clears  mah throat.. I mean that’s normal, you’ve seen that before. Right?? Ok, no, I’ve never seen that either, but c’mon now, it’s SL. So you know, I was talking to Mrs Rebecca about those curtains, and who’s eyes they might be. I asked her if they’re hers. But, you know Mrs Rebecca. She always gotta be the mysterious one right? So now she may have insinuated that  they could be hers, and that she could be watching us. I’m jes sayin now… Don’t go gettin’ all riled up with me. I’m jes tellin you what the woman said. And look, don’t tell her I called her woman alright? She’s been known to , well hurt people, for less than that. I’m jes sayin! Lord! See, there you go, you gonna go run out and start all kinds of drama an stuff…. I knew I shouldn’t have said anything to you! Geezuz!

**Mumbles while I clean up mah spilled coffee….

And that’s what’s brewing….