wooohoo I’m not sure about you but I love the 13th! Ive had some cool things happen when it was Fri the 13th so we shall see if this holds true this year!

SO wooot its TGIF BISHES!!! YAY we are even closer to Sundays show and boy oh boy is it gonna be FUN! Sexy! and hubba hubba yum!

So as my 13th preview I was looking and did my high tech totally uber way of picking and GUES who it was! * drum roll!!!!* Ok give up yet? (giggles)

The one, the only, my favorite fishy princess MSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ARIIIIIIIIIIEL!

Ariel is doing this week! Cher “Dark Lady”

I have to say I love how everyone is kinda going old skool now a days! I so cant wait to see what she does with this!

So keep tuned and keep rawking

xoxo Ky!