Ok I know I know! Trust me I feel ya its ONLY Thursday! *sighs deeply!* But think of it on the positive side! There is only 2 I repeat 2 working says left of this week AND only 4 days left til the next SHOW! See isnt it better to be on the positive side!

Well I was looking over my sexy list and what better way to get over a hump day then to think of the sexiness at Winds! Boy oh boy! I almost needed a cold shower!

So today’s hottie I picked the one and sexy legs of all Winds Msssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Kyshra! Now there have been a few Kys here but I think She is the only one I ever messed up and placed my stage when it was her turn *giggles and twirls my hair!* This girl is a fun chick and I cant WAIT to see what she has is store for us this week with her rendition ofFire Woman – The Cult

If I know anything about her it’ll be hot hot hot! So keep your eyes opened and your feet tapping til we get threw to the next show

hugs and gropes
❤ Ky! ❤