OK so I’M going to start by saying this damn time change is KILLING ME! Ok with that said I love that its 7:19 before it gets dark, BUT I hate the alarm going off and it feels like I could sleep 2 more hours! *clears my throat* Ok I got that out my system and I have to say the one thing that woke me up this am was the sign up sheet this week! HUBBA HUBBA do we have something great in the mix for you this week!

Now this is one for the ladies today! Sorry Gents, but hey we need some eye candy too! So we have new Meat, New blood and some sexy eye candy for us ladies!! His name DEVLIN! LETS GIVE IT UP FOR HIM! *cheers and wolf whistles! This is his debut and I so can not wait!! Devlin is doing a solo act to…. Welcome to my nightmare by Alice Cooper! I have to say Ive been a HUGE Cooper fan since the 80s (OH HUSG YES I KNOW IM OLD! I don’t need to be reminded!)

I have to say I am so excited to see what he brings this Sunday! So make sure you bring your bibs and your ice cause I think you’ll need it this week!

Hugs and gropes til next time!

❤ Your Special Ky!