Hello there kiddies!Time to review this Sunday’s show. What an amazing show it was! From beginning to end it was non-stop energy! The house was packed with the very best audience on the grid! Without further a-do…..

As usual, we started our show off with the amazing Miss Annie Panties! What a beautiful addition to the Winds family she has been. Once again she led the show off in Annie fashion guiding us eloquently through the evening. I gotta say guys, I kinda hung back after the show and listened to Miss Annie do her thing. And you know, she doesn’t quit when the show ends…. She continues to work that crowd making sure to talk to everyone and thank them for their support and generosity to all of us. So I just kinda stood there listening, thinking… our Miss Annie, is exactly where she needs to be. Thank YOU Miss Annie for being the sexiest Hostess with the Mostest!3-8-2015 Winds Show - AnnieKicking our show off tonight as our first act was my own performing to: In this moment, Whore. Yeah, I know….. what a song eh? My idea was this beautiful bedroom, nothing freaky, nothing out of the ordinary, but this big beautiful bed, bold thick pillars… and me…. the music coaxing out the dark side of seduction. I’ve waited a very long time to be able to wear that costume in public!3-8-2015 Winds Show - Maar

So next was our sexy Miss Nova performing to Bilingual by Jose Nunez … This music set the mood with a melodic seductive tone… Miss Nova danced seductively in a perfect dark grey stoned set looking sexy as always… tempting and taunting us, challenging us… By the end of her dance, Miss Nova had barred herself to us exposing every inch of her sexiness.  And the crowd went crazy! Amazing job Miss Nova!3-8-2015 Winds Show - Nova

Following that last drool worthy act was the infamously smokin hot Miss Kismet performing to Thomas Dolby’s, She blinded me with Science. Kay…. so like… let me just say this. I don’t ever remember any scientists looking that sexy. I mean…. like when I think of a Scientist, I think, or I picture an image of Einstein. *Points at Miss Kismet’s photo O.o…. That is not Einstein. Ok, so anyway, Miss Kismet blinded us with science and liquored us up with potions and I’m thinking none of us will ever be the same! Amazing set Miss Kismet!

3-8-2015 Winds Show - KismetNext up, our sexy, enchanting Miss Ariel performing to  Janet Jackson’s, Black Cat… Our Miss Ariel came in with a roar and never stopped roaring! Miss Ariel seemed to have been poured into a very thin, very transparent coating of vinyl. And guys? Our Miss Ariel never looked sexier! To make matters squirmier, Miss Ariel was joined by the sexy Mr Devlin looking all, well, you know… all… yum….. Add a mountain lion or two and this just became toxic! Sexy! Sexy! Sexy!3-8-2015 Winds Show - ArielMiss Rina! Miss Rina! Miss Rina! Performing to Out Tonight’s, Rent. Miss Rina set her stage around a dark street in front of a seedy strip joint. Two scantily clad dancers promoted themselves in the background. Our Miss Rina danced a top some old muscle looking hotter and cooler than ever. Miss Rina returns to us after a short break and boy am I glad she’s back! If you see her, make sure you welcome her home! Awesome job Miss Rina!

3-8-2015 Winds Show - Rina

Our next act was the amazing Miss Winnie performing to Hozier’s Take me to Church. Spreading her sexiness all over that stage with a couple of her sexiest dancer friends Miss Winnie danced eloquently to the dark intimidating sound. Never one to disappoint, Miss Winnie delivered yet again another amazing performance!3-8-2015 Winds Show - WinnieAlmost to the end, next up was the seductive Mrs Kyra performing to
Darling Nikki by the Foo Fighters.. Joining Kyra was our very own Path dancing down a flight of stairs while Kyra dances a top them….  dressed in white, our Mrs Kyra discarded of her costume promoting more of that squirmy thing we had all just gotten over. Towards the end of her act, Mrs Kyra danced teasingly in front of Path I’m sure making for an interesting exit. Grins….. Sexiness! 3-8-2015 Winds Show - Kyra

Our Mrs Queenie was up next performing to Macy Gray’s, Here comes the rain again. Is there not anything better than going out into a warm spring shower? It’s interesting because rain is one of those things that can mean so many different things….. Warm, soft rain against an orange sky… so so sexual, seductive. A hard violent rain pelting down hard against our skin… so angry, destructive.  Mrs Queenie dancing in the rain… amazing, seductive, sensual… I’m not sure whether anyone noticed or not, but she wore white! Lol…. Our Mrs Queenie, amazing as usual!3-8-2015 Winds Show - QueenieAnd now… our final closing act, Mrs Cyllene performed to  Florence + The Machine … Strangeness and Charm…  Ok, so you know, we are all used to Mrs Cyllene’s caliber of performances right? I mean…. I’m usually left speechless after Mrs Cyllene clears off her stage. But lately, Lord, the woman has ramped it up somewhere between the North Star and the Milky Way! This set was amazing! A life-sized chess set in black & white. Live chess pieces! Good vs Evil. Mrs Cyllene as the jester of Ceremony. Her dances flawless, her performance STELLAR! I am silenced by her awesomeness! BTW… I SAW HER BOOBIES!3-8-2015 Winds Show - CylleneSo that was our show for Sunday March 8th. If you missed it, you missed it big time! The weeks keep getting better and better if you can even imagine that! So next week, get there early cuz we’re filling up fast these days!

Before I go, let me just thank our sponsors for well…. sponsoring us… and our amazing Mrs Rebecca who is out heartbeat, Mrs Cyllene who spins her creative web around us keeping us all in good creative spirits….. and you, our audience, for whom we do what we do. And the dancers, who push through week after week to bring you the very best entertainment on the grid. Oh…… and never to forget our Miss Annie Panties who continues to keep the sanity!

Our next show, Sunday March 15th at 5:00PM SLT… Come, see what the fuss is all about… We’ll be waiting…

As always… Much Love,