Hey there kiddies! It’s that time again when I get ta talk your beautiful little ears off. Now now, no grumbling, I know ya like it but your just afraid to admit it an all. I mean really, at this point I’m kinda thinking I’mma be around a while. So you know….  Well, I HOPE Imma be around for a while. Sheesh, don’t go tellin’ Mrs Rebecca nor Mrs Cyllene I’m like all puffy an over-confident here. Geez.  I’ll make ya a deal, You keep quiet about my bragging, and I’ll… well…. I’ll…. erm…. well! I’ll think of SOMETHING that will benefit you ok? Geezuz you people are like Frikken demanding!

Let’s get on with this review before I say anything else I’ll regret when I’m done here….. So ok, tonight was an extra special treat for you all cuz we added Ms Sassy as one of our Hostess’ with the mostest. Our Ms Annie Panties took a much-needed break this week and left the microphone in the much capable hands of the luxurious looking Ms Sassy. Have you seen her? She reminds me of vanilla chocolate, smooth and silky. Yum! So ANYWAY! Ms Sassy had her Winds of the Sahara debut and handled it masterfully. Welcome Ms Sassy!  3-1-2015 - Winds - Sassy

Ok… so on to the show, and our dancers…. First up tonight was the beautiful Mrs Cyllene performing to Matchbox Twenty’s, Like Sugar. Now… Clears mah throat…. Now, when you put a sentence together in reference to our Mrs Cyllene… Well… ummm…. well you know. Our Mrs is one sexy smokin amazing dancer/choreographer/builder/everythinger! This night she brought it. And a lot of it! Mrs Cyllene brought the sweets, and the treats…. and just keep giving throughout her entire performance. There were an unusual amount of licking comments through this performance… Not sure what that was all about but hey, who am I to question a hungry audience?? Way to go Mrs Cyllene! As always, an amazing performance!

3-1-2015 - Winds - Chrissy 1

Next at bat was our amazingly beautiful Ms Kyra performing to Little mixes, Wings . So angelic, so innocent, so pure…. pure… pure….. Cough….. Who you kidding you sexy girl you?? Ms Kyra brought out the heavy artillery with clouds and wings and … stuff! I have to say it was fun sharing a cloud with Ms Kyra and carrying on through that act. Ms Kyra ALWAYS surprises me with her creativity! Awesome set Ms Kyra!3-1-2015 - Winds - Kyra 1

Path, Path,Path… What to say about our Mr Path. Always full of surprises, Mr Path performed to Alan Parsons, Beginnings. His set was war torn and gritty, Mr Path graced us with a smokin hot performance and a smokin hot costume showing off that smoking hot bod. Dang…. I’d have to say he out did himself this time! I’m thinking Mr Path made more tha a few females a bit weak in the knees with this performance! I know I for one had to get mah home-made paper fan out. Cough…. Path, lovely Path… Thank you for an amazing performance! 3-1-2015 - Winds - PathUp next, after we got all that sexiness cleaned up was once again the amazingly talented Ms Kyra performing to Little Waynes, Lollipop, erm – the dirty version…. clears mah throat. Now one would think maybe there was a theme going on here tonight but  really, there wasn’t! Ms Kyra danced her way all over that candy shop tempting all of us with all kinds of confections. And I don’t know about anyone else, but Maar loves her sum candy! Amazing once again Ms Kyra!3-1-2015 - Winds - Kyra 2

Our next performer, the infamously sexy Ms Winnnie performed to Katy Perry’s, Dark Horse. Let me tell ya, she exploded onto that stage in dark horse fashion! Amazing stage! Amazing costume! Amazing choreography! Amazing particles! The crowd went wild! Amazing. Beautiful. Creatively done Ms Winnie!3-1-2015 - Winds - Winnie

Now…. For the yummiest of yums, our Ms Red Queen performed to Jessica Rabbit’s, Why don’t you do right. And um, well, she did it right. Ms Queenie sashayed her sexiness all over that catwalk in a red glittery gown that left just a bit to the imagination. Just a bit *wink. Now who would not have wanted to be one of those men up there watching her? Ms Queenie, as always…. an amazing, sexy performance!

3-1-2015 - Winds - Queenie

And finally, our final performance of the evening our very own Mrs Cyllene graced the stage once again performing to Eric Church’s, Talladega. Now this performance like all her others; of Mrs Cyllene was amazing and amazing and amazing. She had three total sets for this performance that centered around the Talladega racetrack. Mrs Cyllene’s choreography is always at it’s finest, her stages amazing… All of them! This was a rare treat for us at Winds as we got a double shot of Mrs Cyllene in one night! Give it up for the amazing sexy Mrs Cyllene!

3-1-2015 - Winds - Chrissy 2

Ok Boys n Girls, that’s the review for this week, March 1st! Thank you to all our sponsors! Thank you to all our fans! Our audience! And thank you to Mrs Rebecca Dembo for making all this happen every single week!

As always… Much love,