HI everyone! It’s Friday wooohooo yay US right!?! So yawl counting down?!?! I know I am!

OK so today’s features dance is thew one, the hot, the sweet Ms Red QUEEN! Now I have always waited for her to yell “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”,but I guess she is too sweet to do it! (I think I need to talk to her corrupt her JUST a tad! DO’NT TELL REBECCA she’ll get out the wire hangers!!!)

Her song this week is Jessica Rabbit~ why dont you do right

I can’t wait to see how she does this! I love the original song so this should be fun to watch! Oh and just wait til you see whats planned for Sunday HUBBA HUBBA I heard their might be candy! Should be a blast!

Well until We meet again… Keep a smile on your face, a song in your heart, booze in your hand (Hey its Friday I can say that today! lol) and always keep dancing!!

❤ Mrs Ky!