Hey there Boys an Girls! About to ramble on about our show this past Sunday… All I can say, is EPIC! We experienced the most amazing show! Everything was spot on. Everyone was on fire! Our Ms Annie was in top form! The crowd was amazing! You know, if you missed this show, I will tell you, you did yourself a serious injustice.

You know, as always our shows start out with our infamous Ms Annie like an orchestra conductor waving a baton, our Ms Annie manipulates the line-up so everything runs smoothly. I gotta tell ya, I couldn’t do her job! I listen to her engage with the crowd and she executes perfectly! Thank you so much Ms Annie for keeping us moving!

2-22-2015 - Winds - Annie

So first up on our stage was your very own blogger, me: Maar performing to Melanie Martinez’ Dollhouse. Now this set I did was not a debut but I had completely revamped the set and costume. This seemed to work so much better! Kinda eerie, kinda dark, kinda oooooooo…. I often wonder if while doing a performance any of the dancers slip into their roles completely? Interesting question when you consider some of the roles played out on this stage eh? As for me? I’m not tellin’ 🙂2-22-2015 - Winds - Maar

Next up was the sexy Ms Nova performing to Pussycat Dolls, Button featuring Snoop Dog. Now this performance delivered a bevy of beauties dancing their way into our hearts, well… we’ll call it a heart tonight ok folks? Anyway…. dressed scantly clad in their jammies, well someone’s nightshirt. S – E – X – Y! Amazing Ms Nova!

2-22-2015 - Winds - Nova

Now our next dancer Ms Ariel performed to Peter Boyle’s Puttin on the Ritz. And perform she did! This was Ms Ariel’s debut here at Winds and what a debut! Ms Ariel came onto the stage via a winding staircase while her dance partner dances atop a white grand piano…. I will tell you this is one hot liitle lady, and by the end of her set…. this girl was NAKIE! Please welcome Ms Ariel if you see her! Ariel! Welcome sexy gurl!

2-22-2015 - Winds - Ariel

Next up was the incredibly sexy Ms Winnie performing to Labrinth … Beneath your beautiful ft. emeili sande… Ms Winnie danced out onto the stage wearing a flowing cream colored dress with her dance partners in red while the pianist played in the foreground of her set…. The ladies dances eloquently in front of a red background that was complimented by the movement of bubbles which was a dance all on it’s own. Always sexy, always amazing Ms Winnie!

2-22-2015 - Winds - Winnie

Next was the sexy, amazing, alluring Ms Kyra performing to Cliff Richard’s, Devil Woman. So to set the mood, let me just say that Ms Kyra was HOT! So hot she created this firey cathedral where she dances out onto a platform and with as much grace as a devil woman can dances down those steps onto the stage. Now I will tell you Ms Kyra got full use out of her stage with this one as she danced her sexy lil bootie, red firey bootie all over that stage. And let me just say: BOOBIES! Cough…… Way to go our sexy little devil girl!

2-22-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Now, our next performer, Ms Red Queen, or as most of us know her, Ms Queenie performed to  Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris’… Hallelujah…. Now, I just have to say: BEAUTIFUL! Her set was amazing. Beautifully created. And her dances gracefully executed. Everyone knows our Ms Queenie as our sexy little spit fire, and she is… but, this week, our Ms Queenie delivered an amazingly beautiful performance that I for one just couldn’t take my eyes off of. Another amazing performance Queenie!

2-22-2015 - Winds - Queenie

Well here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, the last performance of the evening. Our very own ICON of dance. Our very own Dance Queen. Our very own Mrs Cyllene performing to Shiny Toy guns, Cyllene is a witch. With a stage set in Salem, Mrs Cyllene danced her way around until finally being tried and hung for a witch burning. SO you would think this is it right? But now remember, we’re talking about Mrs Cyllene. So just as you think she’s toast and the party’s over, her set morphs into a very futuristic stage with what appeared to be pods Mrs Cyllene and her two friends were dancing in. Very sexy, very surprising, very amazing! Mrs Cyllene knocks it out of the ball park again! Amazing choreography, set design, costume design…. Check out the pic….. AMAZING Cyllene!

2-22-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

Well folks, that’s it for this show…

But before we go here, I would like to take an opportunity to thank a few very important people who if not for them, we would have no show. SO…. to the amazing Mrs Rebecca Dembo: thank you for all your diligence, guidance and hard work to get us on stage every single week. This woman is the powerhouse behind the Winds guys. If you happen to run into her, take a moment to thank her!

Secondly I want to thank all of our sponsors for their encouragement and support. Without their generous hearts and support .. well, I just don’t know where The Winds of the Sahara would be! Be sure to thank them all as well next time you’re at a show. You’ll know them by their reserved seating at the front of the venue.

And last, but certainly not least…. Our biggest thanks go out to all of you that support us and appreciate our art. We truly do, do it for you.

So kiddies, this is it, my Review for the week. If you missed this one, I’m sorry… But ya know, next Sunday… we have yet another show for you with more amazing performances! So we’ll see you, next Sunday, March 1st @ 5:00PM at The Winds of the Sahara! We’ll be waiting!

As always… Much love,