So I’m not sure about the rest of you BUT I am DONE D.O.N.E with this winter crap! its cold, my fingers are ice cubes, coffee doesn’t stay hot long AND Your hair freezes when you got outside!

But ya know what ALWAYS makes me feel better?!?! Well I’ll give you a hint! It starts with D and ends with G! Five up!? Ok Dancing! So in order to melt today I started looking at the Winds on youtube AND the list for Sunday! HUBBA HUBBA this is gonan be HAWT!

Don’t trust me well then Ill give you a quick little taste!

Cyllene preforming Florence & the machine what kind of man

OMG I am so stoked to see this show this week! I am telling YOU! Sunday isnt coming fast enough! UGH COME ON SUNDAY!

Well hope you are excited as I am! Make sure you stay warm, have lots of stuff to cuddle with and keep dancing cause it’s FUN!!!

❤ Kyra!!