OMG MY GOODNESS THIS JUST IN! Hot off the desk for the boss at Winds! Today’s preview is from…. *drum roll please!!!!!*

Nova: Song: Buttons Artist: Pussy Cat Dolls!

Oh I can not WAIT to see the lil birdy of the Winds put her spin on this! Will it be a ___ or ___or ____or or!!!OH damn, the wait is going to KILL me! *giggles and falls on the couch all dramatic like!*

PLUS she will be with a few of her smexy friends and more! Let me tell you this is going to be AMAZING! This show is not one you will want to miss! I have the list in front of me and in 2 words HAWT DAYUMMMM!!!!

So wanna see then you gotta come over to the Winds Sunday 5 PM SLT! So until then stay turned and keep dancing!

❤ Kyra!