Ok kiddies! First preview of the week! And boy have a suprise for you! The preview today…… is on none other, than: ME! Now I don’t normally do previews on myself, because well, it’s kinda weird writing about yourself… But… well, ya see, I’ve never ever had a preview done on myself. Sooooooooooooo… So this week I am performing to Melanie Martinez’, Dollhouse. Now this is not a debut show for me, BUT…. the entire stage arrangement has been changed. This act was one of my first acts as a new dancer. I have since evolved into a “not as new” dancer. So anyway, I promise you an interesting act with music that’s just a bit on the strange side of the message chain.

Take a listen and come see us this Sunday @ 5:00PM at The Winds of the Sahara…… We’ll be waiting…

As always… Much love,