Hello  there boy’s an girls! What a wonderful day to be alive eh??? A fabulous show last night! A venue full of friends, performers, seasoned Burlesque lovers, new fans! Everyone was in the house! You know, I’m usually back stage getting ready before shows, my nerves frazzled while I do deep breathing excersizes to calm myself down. Last night, I was in the audience, I didn’t perform, I didn’t accompany anyone in their act, nothing. I simply watched and observed and listened. And well, let me tell you! What an exciting place The Winds is at showtime! The party started rocking well before the actual performances started really! And the performances! O – M – G! Not only did they bring it! They F’n brought it!! Oh, yeah… This is your weekly show review in case ya was wondering. Ok……. let’s get on with the… well, show….

So ok…. now to get this party started, of course our own Ms Annie Panties normally kicks off the festivities. But tonight, our Ms Kyra stepped in briefly and kicked off the show. Lemme tell you guys, she rocked it! I believe our Ms Kyra is a natural! Kudos Ms Kyra! You rock! So… now our Annie, we….. prior to the show’s opening, our very own Ms Annie Panties was just a rockin’ and a rollin’ up there on her very own little platform. And BTW! Ms Annie rocked it too! Maybe we’ll see both these two multi-tasking some time in the future eh??? Way to go Annie!

2-16-2015 - Winds - Annie

First up was Ms Red Queen accompanied by Path performing to Sonny and Chers, I got you babe… Poor Queenie, Path got her lost in their space ship… I think Path landed the ship, it could have been Queenie, she sounded like she was the one giving the orders, but erm, I’m not really sure… But anyway…. so they both exit the space ship, I thought they were holding hands, but…. no… I mean, do aliens hold hands? Yes folks, I said aliens… They were both green and quite cute to be honest. I mean, nothing I would be scared of… Well, I mean unless they were holding a prod or something. I do think aliens use prods… I know Ms Queenie would use a prod… Well, now that’s another story in itself… But anyway… THEN, I might be scared! So these two cute little aliens serenaded us, or one another…. “I got you to hold my hand, I got you to understand…. I got you I got you I got you”… then they climbed back into that darn spaceship and left the building… Sigh….. Way to go you two sexies! 2-16-2015 - Winds - Queenie

Up next was the dripping with sex Ms Nova…. Now, the best adjective I can muster up for this show… is HOT! And again, HOT! And HOT! Nova came after us with a stripper pole in a scantly clad outfit hot enough to start a fire! Yeah…. it happened… FIRE! Ms Nova lit this place up! HOT! Dat girl is smokin hot!! Oh yeah! BOOBIES!!!2-16-2015 - Winds - Nova

Next up was the sexy, alluring, infamous Ms Jiley performing to Abney Park’s – Herr Drosselmeyer’s Doll. And in she comes, out of the air, landing in a circus wagon… dancing in red. Red dress, red hair….. I’m red with envy, wait, that’s green with envy right? So Ms Jiley was all wound up, like a doll….. the mood was steamy, and punk-ish… and well… amazing…. her wagon was perched on top a very eerie deserted looking land … And as always Ms Jiley the incredibly creative dance queen knocked it outta the park with this one. Amazing Jiley!

2-16-2015 - Winds - Jilley

Next to grace the stage was…PATH.. Sexy sexy Path… Ya know, I don’t even know where to start with this one.. Ok, here goes: So like Path is on this X, right? I mean like bound, hanging…. and well Queenie… she’s, well… his domme….. Wow… Queenie, Ma’am… the domme was whippin on him and um, I’m thinkin he liked it……. wait wait… he’s tellin her to let him go now! All things going through my mind during this show! Queenie, well… that girl is IN CHARGE! Path did an “ok” job at trying to resist her orders, but um…. well, we all know Path a little to well to believe all that… And let’s see, well…. Not sure what was going on there at the end of that show… but um… Wow! That was hot! Girl power! What a delivery! A production! Encore!2-16-2015 - Winds - Path

Kyra’s in da house! LItterally! Upnext was our little host stand in Ms. Kyra and her hubby Rich performing to Chicago’s Just me and you. Rich and Kyra dancedtheir way through what appeared to be their(?) house, room to room to room .. starting in the kitchen and dinning room and moved through out the entire house… Ms Kyra in nuthin but a rolling pin and a little lace O.o… Rawr Ms Kyra!

2-16-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Baby baby baby….. Up next was the Dance Queen ICON Mrs Babypea Von Pheonix… Now I did a preview on this performance, and now tell me… Did I lie??? One bif help no out there eh!? Baby performed to It’s a man’s world by Juliet Simms… The scene starts out with Baby innocently ironing in her kitchen… Workin, sweatin’ workin’…. I mean, it’s a man’s world after all. So she’s dancing, and dreaming… Dreaming? Yeah…. dreaming… envisioning… her fantasy man… Yeah Baby, you know this is where it gets good….. Baby reaches for her fantasy man, runs her hands over him, touching him, feeling him, breathing him in… But he’s not real you say…. Oh he’s real…. so real, Mrs Baby was on the floor stripped down in no time. This performance was amazing, the music was mesmerizing, the aumbiance filled the room… Baby had us believing there was indeed a man there…. and as usual, Baby’s dances were flawless. Never one to disappoint… Baby did it again….. and I would say, it’s HER world!
2-16-2015 - Winds - Baby

Next up was Ms Winnie performing to Labrinth Beneath your beautiful. The scene is set with Kyra playing a big black grand piano while Winnie, Queenie and Aj are set back against a red background… Take  1… take 2….. Now wouldn’t you be disappointed if that stoopid lag monster didn’t come out at all the entire night….. Poor Winnie, a beautiful song, baeutiful set… beautiful dancers….. Lag wan, this time…. Throws mah towel in…. 2-16-2015 - Winds - Winnie

And our final performance of the evening ladies and gentlemen was out amazing Mrs Chrissy along with AJ and Amen in the Garden of Eden performing to Lana Del Ray, Cyllene tastes like Pepsi Cola. Yes folks, that’s what it says: Tastes like Pepsi Cola. So anyway, our sexy Mrs Chrissy along with her other edenites were dancing and teasing and well…. you know…… partaking in….. (sin, gasp)… so Adam, I mean Amen disappears while Mrs Cyllene portraying temptation tempts Ms Eve. So then…. Eve disappears and the garden fades into this hot smoldering lava rock fire dungeon firey pits… shivers…. Adam and Eve, now bound, losing their innocent freedom…… SIN… Mrs Chrissy, temptress, sexy, alluring….. beckoning…. wins… Another stellar performance from the amazing…… Mrs Cyllene!

2-16-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

Now, I’d like to take a minute to thank our sponsors, supporters.. and YOU! And Mrs Rebecca….. What would we do without her? Where would we be? The brains, the power, the rock behind Winds… I, We, thank you Mrs Rebecca!

Well guys, that’s it for this Review… We all hope, everyone at Winds, that you had the time of your life… We certainly did performing for you. We’ll see you next week… Same Winds time, same Winds channel…… Every Sundat @ 5:00PM The Winds of the Sahara… We’ll be waiting 🙂

As always… much love,