Hey there kiddies! So you would think, with the amazing previews we’ve seen already that maybe the previews would be losing a little oomph? I mean how dare I right? Putting all the amazing performances out there for preview so early in the week. Well see, that’s my problem… They are ALL amazing! All of the acts, all of the dancers…. AMAZING! So see, NOW maybe you’ll understand just how hard my job is. This is a never ending struggle week after week after week… No matter who’s doing previews. What makes matters worse, is today, I am previewing the act of a Dance Queen ICON. Gawd, so how do you do justice when you’re doing a preview on an ICON? This dancer, is not only an ICON, but she is also responsible for bringing in so many talented dancers into this world; including me. With a heart of gold and golden dance shoes to match… it is now my pleasure and privilege to preview none other, than Mrs Babypea Von Pheonix who will be doing a performance to  Juliet Simms “It’s a Man’s World”. Let me just say this, I have actually seen this performance before, and I can tell you, this one will not be one to disappoint. Baby delivers this with the passion and grace we are all accustomed to in her performances. Any time I do a preview, I do it while I listen to the music, and with that, I am writing and listening to Baby’s musical choice for the week. I gotta tell you guys, listening to this without watching Baby’s performance forces me to REALLY hear this song, the flow, the vibe. Honestly? This is an amazing deep feeling song with this really dark feel to it. I mean, for me… I can feel it’s depth… I can visualize this sultry woman moving through out a smoke filled lounge – slow and seductive.. Intoxicating anyone that crosses her path… Her eyes locking in on anyone she is confronted with while she moves. It’s seductive, sensual and delivers a heart pounding message you just can’t ignore. I can not wait to see Baby do this performance; I’m not sure whether it will be the same as I’ve seen in the past, or if she has changed this up for this performance. But I can tell you one thing, this is sure to be a performance not to be missed.

You can see Babypea perform every Sunday night at 5:00PM at The Winds of the Sahara along with a menagerie of amazing talented dancers. Come… We’ll be waiting….