Hey there mah lil’ kiddies! It’s that time again, you know…. preview and all. So as you may have noticed, I dropped the ball yesterday with the preview. I’m sorry… I’m hangin mah head over here. Now I’m not meaning to make up excuses or anything, but um… you know that real life thing? Yeah… that thing….  Well, for some reason, THAT, felt like it was priority over everything else. Yeah.. So after wrestling with it half the night I’m finally back and able to put out a review, or two. See, Imma make all this up to you and give you not one! But TWO previews today. That’s right kiddies. Now see, and you all thought I was just into this for myself huh? So here goes……

Ok, now our first preview is our very own token male in the group, none other than the sexy rocking it out Path performing to BDSM TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN by Risque / SHAFT By Isaac Hayes MIX… Now, well… I had never heard nor seen this video before tonight.. And um, well… ok, it’s Path right?? I mean, well…. ahem, well, you know, it’s not often I’m without words as you may have guessed.. But um, let’s just say you have to watch this video? Now what adds a bit of a twist to this, is that the actual version Path will be performing to, is a mix he edited himself, so to be honest we’re all gonna be surprised show night. I can not wait to see the set he’s designed for this one! Right now, all I can muster up is that this act is sure to be one none of us will soon forget. Take a listen to get a sneak, sneak preview to what Path has in store for us on Sunday!

Now: Our second preview of the day, is none other than the hot, sexy, yummiest of yums Ms Queenie. Now as you all know Ms Queenie brings us the very best every single week with her performances and ya know what kiddies? It looks like this week will be no different with her performance to Sonny and Cher’s, I got you babe. Now I gotta tell you all, I’m listening to this song while I write this… and well, this song just makes me feel good all ovah. You know, Ms Queenie sure does know how to pick em cuz I believe while doing another preview on her, her song choice made me feel the exact same way. I cannot wait to see what Ms Queenie has in store for us this week! And just a little inside info for you all…. Ms Queenie has chosen Path to join her in her act, and well, Path has chosen Ms Queenie to join him in his! Jest a little something to stir the pot there folks… you can draw your own conclusions to that one there… Cough… So listen, take a look, listen to this video…. Yur gonna love it!!

So guys, there ya go… two fer Thursday. See, I would never really leave ya hanging… I’d maybe let ya suffer for a little while, but never anything permanent or damaging… Sheesh, what kinda girl you think I am!

Well kiddies, I’m off to … that there’s another secret ya nosey little #@^&*$#~!… Nevermind what I’m off to do! So the show, Sunday night at the Winds of the Sahara at 5:00PM SLT…. See ya there! We’ll be waiting.

As always.. Much love,