HEY HEY HEY GUESS WHAT!?! Give up yet? Ok Well I’m back! *hears the cheers!* (OK so maybe they are just in my head! STILL COUNTS!) It’s Monday and that means its review time! Now I need to thank Mrs. Chrissy for doing the pics and for Ms. Maar for doing the last review! Isnt she doing grand!?! Well let me tell you this weekend was a bit CrAzY for some of us at the winds! BUT we loved it!

As you read before, Maar gave us the low down of the Winds on the Run, doing a MARDI GRAS Roadshow at at the Diablo MC. Was fun!!! Make sure to check it out right here… https://thewindscabaret.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/its-mardi-gras-time-in-the-city/  SO Since she did that review I will post the pics with the ones from last nights show.

Speaking of last nights show wow! We had a few lil bumps but I want to thank my Winds family for stepping up at the last min to fill in the gaps! We rawk and nobody even knew, that how us cool kids rawk!

So with that said… ON TO THE REVIEW!!

We had an amazing show last night,Seven! amazing acts and tons of costume changes, glitter galore, SKIN SKIN and more skin! We had, Red Queen, Path, Myself, Kyshra, Baby Kyshra and Chrissy!! Let me tell you we had the place hopping! Yes you read right and no I didn’t skip my meds before writing! Kyshra did a two fer aren’t we lucky! TY girly girl!

So ya’ll know that song “All about the bass” but I bet you didn’t know the Star Wars one! Well if you were there last night YOU DID! OMG Queenie was amazing as kinky Darth Vader and her storm troupers! I have to say she made me very happy to be on the dark side! RAWR!

2-8-2015 - Winds - Queenie

Next in the lineup was our own WOOF WOOF Path! And I to admit when I saw him with those feather I had an insensible urge to….. Well Im not telling ALL my secrets! Up next Path, the Man that the girls want tooo…. * winks!* His helper gals rocking those beads took me back to Bourbon Street that I really don’t remember too much! TY Sir Pathers!

2-8-2015 - Winds - Path

Now we had to take a few moments to clean up the feathers and drool was the one the only, the Special K AKA Me! OMG this was was so fun for me! It was Snoop Dog’s “Wet!” And my gals that helped with the wiggle and shimmy with the suntan oil really made a splash! TY Maar and Nonny!

2-8-2015 - Winds - Kyra

Up Next Kyshra She took the stage with her sexy long legs. and her yummy piano skills! I just LOVE the way she tickled those ivory’s! Kyshra with Alberta Hunter – Two-fisted Double-Jointed Rough & Ready Man! Now I know what your thinking NO I did NOT let my kinks come to the Winds that’s really the song! She did a great job woman! TY for stepping up to the plate!!

2-8-2015 - Winds - Kyshra 1

Now that people were all *coughs* toasty and feeling good We had Baby come up to bat with, Parov Stelar “The Mojo Radio Gang” Now let me tell you, listening to that song I couldn’t not just sit still I HAD to just wiggle and shimmy in my seat. Watching Mrs. Baby she did an amazing job of the wiggles! Thanks Babycakes that was so fun to watch! I think my new best favorite color is aqua!!!

2-8-2015 - Winds - Baby

Now that we are almost to the end Ms Kyshra and a few sexies took it upon themselves to show off an bit and strut their stuff to Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink – Lady Marmalade (which in my personal opinion) would make those org. ladies go OHH DAMN!

2-8-2015 - Winds - Kyshra 2

Now this last dancing Queen, not only impresses us each week, but also got nominated for the Avi Choice Awards! MRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Cyllene! A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera – Say Something was her pick for last night’s show and WOW this woman never ceases to amaze me! I couldn’t get over the flying pianos and how sexy and romantic it was! TY lovie for always impressing and giving up 120%!! *hugs!*

2-8-2015 - Winds - Cyllene

So there ya have it! Monday night at the review with US! I hope you enjoyed it and can’t wait to see you next Sunday at the Winds of Sahara 5 PM SLT!

So until then keep a smile on your face, a song in your heart and always, ALWAYS keep dancing!

❤ Kyra dePoer!