Hey guys! Just dropping a line cuz we had this amazing Roadshow over at the Diablo MC sim Saturday for their grand opening! What a night! It was Mardi Gras! Among other performers, the Diablos had The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret as a part of their grand opening festivities. And what a festivity it was! I won’t get into a full out review. Because really, you all should be watching and following The Winds group anyway! You just never know where we’ll show up!

I will tell you this much:

Ms Annie Panties was the official host of the evening.

2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Annie

And in order of their appearance, we had:

Maar performing to Oingo Boingo’s Dead man’s Party

2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Maar

Kyshra performing to The Belle Stars, Iko Iko

2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Kyshra

Path performing to Treme – Dr. Johns, My Indian Red

2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Path

Red Queen performing to Vipers, Dixieland

2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Queenie

Kyra performing to David Bowies, Dance Magic Dance

2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Kyra

Babypea performing to Andreea Banica Feat Dony’s Samba

2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Baby

Cyllene performing Florence and the Machine’s, Not Fade Away

2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Cyllene

I’m awfully sorry there are no pics for you, but again….. For those of you that were unable to attend, my deepest sympathy… and for those that made the show: your photos are in your heart. Hold them close. My hope is that they bring you the fondest of memories.

Ok, Yeah, so I lied; there are fabulous photos for you all! These photos were provided by the wonderful Mrs Rebecca and Mrs Cyllene. Now see? See why they have such great reputations in the community? Cuz like if that were me…. Well you already know cuz I told ya… Snooze! Ya lose!

Thank you Mrs Rebecca and Mrs Cyllene, and yes I promise to never scold the group members again… Geez..

Oh! And thank you to the Diablo MC for having us over to celebrate their grand opening with them! And everyone that came and made it an amazing Grand Opening! Thank you!

Opps! Another darn spill! And that’s what’s brewing!

As always, Much Love!