Hey kiddies! Just taking a minute to check in and see how you all are doing?? What’s new? Anything going on???? So let me ask you all…. Did you vote yet??? I kinda don’t understand the whole voting process, cus I thought you got one vote; but then today I heard you can vote every day… Anybody know which is correct?? What I do know is… NO ALTS! They be tracking dat shit! Anyway… let me know, cuz if we get to vote every day… I got more voting to do!

On another note… You all know we have a roadshow this Saturday right? So lucky youns(Pittsburgh lingo), you get two Winds shows this week! The roadshow is a Mardi Gras theme so get out yur costumes and come have an amazing time with us on the Diablo Legion MC Sim…. Link below. I will say I spent some time with the sim owners tonight and this show is bound to be a good time because that is one group that likes to have fun….. So come on out, it’s their grand opening!….. We’ll be waiting!