Well good morning all you beautiful Winds people!! How’s everyone feeling after that EPIC show last night?? Myself? I’m still coming down from my dancer high! AMAZING AMAZING SHOW LAST NIGHT! Everyone started filing in early, I’m thinking to check out the vandalism. No one really said much but I know it was on everyone’s minds! Now…. Before I get going on the review, there’s a few important matters I need to address….

First, let me just say thank you to all the dancers that participated in Sunday nights show… We had icons people icons!

Secondly and most importantly, let me thank Mrs Rebecca and Mrs Cyllene for providing all of us with an amazing venue to be able to share in our passion for dance.

I’ve more people to thank, but we’ll talk about that later.. For now, let me get on with this review… I mean, that is why you’re here right? Soooooooooooo……

Starting the night out was our very own Annie Panties. Annie, you remember, she was new, then she was “used to be new”… now….. well now she’s our sexy hostess with, you know… the mostest. Annie does an amazing job each week keeping the show under control and moving smoothly and this week was no different. By the way, you all don’t know just how much I love saying this woman’s name! Annie Panties!  Week after week Ms Annie does something interesting to all our panties….. cough……. Great job Annie!

On with the show!

First up tonight was me… Me and a whole lotta sexy men. Hot smokin sexy men! Gawd they made me look so good! The entire group of us came out posing to Madonna’s Vogue as the curtain raised. Filing on down the stairs onto the lower platform… Everything was going amazingly smooth, until…..  **doomsday music**…. SAM decided to take a break right in the last quarter of or act. But, you know…. we can’t control SL.. Sooo… we just kept dancing and posing and shaking… and… well… you know….. stuff… I was good, the entire time I was watching all that fine bum shakin around me on stage.. Sighs, when I die, and go to heaven….. THAT, will be my heaven!
2-1-2015 Maar

Next up was the amazing Ms Nova.. Ms Nova opened her curtain with a black and white checkered floor highlighting a variety of brightly colored cubicles… Inside those cubicles were sexy little dancers performing to The Neon Tree’s, I love you(but I hate your friends)… Absolutely four of the sexiest friends someone could ask for! Way to go Ms Nova and friends! You rocked that!

2-1-2015 Nova

Now our next act was amazing! Our very own Ms Red Queen along with two of her sexiest friends came out dancing on the biggest record player I’ve ever seen! Do they even make those any more? There were funky lights flashing all over the place to a very 70’s themed record party to the music of Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars. These guys were definitely entertaining to say the least! Awesome job Queenie! Maar’s thumbs up for originality!

2-1-2015 Queenie

Next was the sexy Ms Kyra dancing to the Hollies,  Long cool woman, in a black dress.. And let me just say this… What a long… cool…. woman….. in an amazing sexy black dress! Kyra’s dance took place in the middle of an asphalt covered street, business district… cough…. Erm, taking care of business there you sexy vixen you! Amazing as usual!

2-1-2015 Kyra

Jiley, O-M-G! Jiley! After a way to long hiatus from the stage, Ms Jiley returned with a bang gracing the stage with Madonna’s Hanky Panky. From barrels to wagon wheels to bulls heads Ms Jiley delivered a stellar performance  once again even after that long awaited return! One of the dance communities icons, welcome back Ms Jiley! You rocked us once again!

2-1-2015 Jilley

Next up at bat was Ms Winnie performing to Smash Mouth’s Walking in the sun. Emerging from a rocket ship, Ms Winnie and two of her favorite dancers twinkled their toes over hot molten lava blanketing the atmosphere. That sun HAD to be hot! There was lava spewing EVERYWHERE! But, no matter how hot that sun was, no matter how much lava was spewed… Nothing… can compare to the hot dancers up there… Rawr Ms Winnie!

2-1-2015 Winnie

Next was the infamous Mrs BabyPea! As usual Baby delivered a stellar performance to Des’ree’s, Kissing you… with her ultra sexy hubbie Gunner. When Baby opened that curtain she exposed two platforms covered in moss, one with her a top in a dark seductive dance, the other, Gunner on the piano….. The mood was dark. The mood was seduction. The mood was amazing! A performance that delighted the deepest of desires in all of us. You rock as usual Baby!

2-1-2015 Baby

And finally…… **Drum Roll** …. the woman we’d all been waiting for…… **more drum roll** …. Mrs Cyllene graced our stage once again with a mind bending performance to Robert Plant & Jimmy Page’s Yallah. Never one to disappoint, Cyllene came out in silks, yes folks… silks, I mean I think they were silks… but anyway, looking sexy as ever, Mrs Cyllene started out dancing on a carpet in the desert, her scene slowly evolved to the decapitation of two shieks, I think they were Sheiks, were they? Shieks? Anyway, Ms Cyllene finally hopped onto her carpet anr road off with the scene morphing into the night sky… Did I mention she was nakie?? Ermmm …. yes….. Our nakie Mrs Cyllene road off into the sunset, I mean night…… Not ever sure what to say about this performer, her performances always leaves me speechless. Amazing.

2-1-2015 CylleneAnd that folks, concluded our show for Sunday February 1st. What a way to bring in a new month eh? I hope you were able to attend Sunday, because if you didn’t, you did yourself a huge dis-service.

Now before I go, let me just thank a few more people…

Our very generous sponsors whom without … well…. let’s just say it’s because of them we are able to bring this dance to you. Thank you thank you thank you!

And well, YOU. Our audience. Our supporters. Our amazing friends. Thank you so much for always supporting us in whatever times are handed our way. Your dedication and support means more to us than you’ll ever know. Thank YOU!

Well kiddies, that’s it for this week. I just want to point out one more thing… Na na na nana boo boo! I’m still doing the review! Grins…. Told ya you couldn’t get rid of me THAT easy!

Until next time…. See ya on the dance floor! And remember… Winds of the Sahara Cabaret, every Sunday at 5:00PM….. See ya there!

As always…

Much love,

Mar Volous