Okay y’all. So here’s the skinny. Over the last couple weeks, users all over the grid have been submitting their nominations in various categories for the Avi’s Choice Awards, a prestigious award that is entirely based upon user nominations and votes throughout the grid. Sounds cool, right?

Well, the even better news is that Winds has received a nomination for an award this year, as has Winds’ own Cyllene (Chrissy Rhiano) and Babypea (babypeavonphoenix.bikergrrl). Winds of the Sahara was nominated for Favorite Theatre/Production Venue, and Cyllene and Babypea were nominated for Favorite Choreographer, both in the “Arts” category.

We here at Winds are a family, and we all know that Winds and it’s performers are the best on the grid, so please help us prove it and lend us your love during the voting process. If you’d like to vote for Winds, Chrissy or Babypea, please visit the link here:


We are humbled and honored to have been nominated this year for an Avi’s choice, and we would be eternally grateful for your votes. Let’s show SL just how fabulous we are! Users can cast one vote per category. Please DON’T use an alt to try and pad the vote for us. When voting is counted, ISPs are taken into account, so a vote from your alt would cancel out any other votes during the tallying process.

Please stay turned to the blog for more information, more previews and reviews, and other fun Winds-related content!