Ok kiddies… Here it is! Saturdays Preview! After tonight, SHOWTIME! So before I get into the preview, tell me…. What do ya think about these ramblings? Like em? Hate em? Wish I’d STFU???? I’m just askin your opinion now. Not that it will change anything, jes sayin. Leave a comment. Let me know what your thinking and what’s on your minds. Wait, ok… not everything on your minds. Lord, what a can of worms that could open up. Let me define things here… Let me know what is on your minds concerning this blog… Cough… No invitations to .. well… dungeons or anything like that… Sheesh.. Ok, on to the preview!

So the next dancer previewed will be performing to Smashmouth’s Walking in the Sun. Now this is a happy feel good kinda song that makes me think about dancing carelessly along the boardwalk situated over Clearwater Beaches white sands. The mood is kinda post B-52’s. So now this dancer, the fabulous Ms Winnie will be performing to this along with 2 of her sexiest friends, and my guess is they will be walking in the sun; this Sunday. This is definately a performance not to be missed!

This Sunday! Tomorrow! The Winds of the Sahara at 5:00PM! Come early! We’ll be waiting for you!