Hi kiddies!! It’s that time again…  So here we are, Friday night! Two more days til the big show! Can you feel the excitement building??? Feels like… well pins and needles racin through my veins! This weeks line up includes Sl’s baddest performers on the grid! So let me just throw some names out there…. erm…. cough… Cyllene!… JILEY!…… BabyPea!….. ICONS RIGHT!!!!!? And that’s not everyone. We have an amazing line-up waiting for ya Sunday night!

Hey, let me ask y’all… Did you guys happen to see my post last night concerning those vandals?? If you’ve not heard about that griefing crap, take a look at that … If you have any information, you can leave a comment on here, maybe lead us to an arrest and conviction. Not sure what the Lindens will do to the vandals but I can’t wait to find out.

Now.. the good stuff… My preview today is The hollies, Long cool woman in a black dress. I’m listening to it now as I write to you all. Love love love the way this song makes me feel inside. How do I describe this… Hmmm…. It’s kinda got a bit of  a funky groovy kinda feel. But however you would describe it, it feels good… The funky vixen that will be performing to this musical piece is none other than Ms. Kyra in a solo performance. This certainly is one long cool woman and I’d bet my life she’ll be wearing a black dress. Another performance not to miss! Come see Kyra and all the dancers this Sunday, February 1st at 5:00PM at The Winds of the Sahara… We’ll be waiting for you…..