Breaking news… Breaking news….

Vandals grief the Winds venue! 

Ok, did anyone notice anything different at Winds? Anyone see changes? Anyone see the destruction? The mayhem??? Even I… didn’t notice… or rather think it was vandalism. But….. I found out from very reliable sources that The Winds was indeed vandalized and not redecorated.

I don’t think anyone actually caught a glimpse of the vandals but only left over paint cans were found strewn across the floor from their rampage. It is my understanding that Mrs Rebecca spent her morning picking up all those cans to prevent a slip, trip or fall from occurring. She is so considerate. Sometimes.  Don’t go thinking she’s a softy now… Cuz Imma tell you, that woman? Erm, she can chew you up an’ spit you out… Like quick. In fact, if anyone ever mentions any of this conversation to her I’m gonna deny everything. But anyway…. So the Winds, yeah… we were talking about the Winds, vandals, yeah yeah….. So anyway, let’s weigh out some possibilities and facts….

Ok… so we know this crime had to occur before Sunday, because the damage was there, well…. Sunday. But does anyone remember? Was it there Friday? I don’t think I was there Friday. Were you guys there Friday? SOMEONE had to be there Friday. By the way, I won’t be there this Friday either, unless of course we all go over to test the set… Shhhhhh……. Don’t tell anyone I’m dancing Sunday… I snuck in! Ok, so but anyway… We know it was done last week. Right? Now I have heard of a lot of finger pointing too. And from everything I’ve heard it’s a great possibility this could be the work of that Ramses that was in Cyllene’s set Sunday. Now remember, we are talking not about last Sunday, but the Sunday before that… What was that date??? Think think think… the 18th! Yeah…. that was the week Cyllene had all those, er…. whips, and restraints and… stuff in her set. Now I’m not trying to plant any negativity seeds, BUUUUT…. I thought I saw this Ramses getting whipped that day. So….. is it they know who did it and he’s been punished? Coincidence? Or was that simply just a kinky ‘lil display of pleasure and pain? Grins….. I…. for one….. certainly hope it was the later.  But, then the question arises….. why wouldn’t they just tell us they caught the vandal?

So then that makes me think… Is this a case where you dismiss the obvious? Could the vandal or vandals! be right here under our noses? Noooo… it just couldn’t be… Do you think? I mean Mrs Rebecca and Mrs Cyllene are respected members of the community. I mean they are .. well they are Mrs Rebecca and Mrs Cyllene! But well, when I think about it… THEY ARE the ones that have easiest access to the venue. And they are ALWAYS there! Yeah I know it’s their sim and all that and why would they do that to their own… yadda yadda…. Well you just never know! You know??? But, darn it… naaaaaaaaw, they wouldn’t do that.

HEY! DON’T BE LOOKIN AT ME! I was no where near that place Saturday! Remember, when you point at someone you have ten fingers pointing back at YOU! Geez! I didn’t go around accusing you now did I? Well wait a minute! Where were YOU Friday????? Maybe YOOOOOU are the vandal! But, you know…. this past Sunday there was this dirty drunken clown that wandered in onto my set. Maybe HE did it! Maybe he was back to check out his handy work eh?? You think?

Ok, look… we can’t keep going over this all night. I mean it’s getting late here… So look, if you know anything about this crime… PUHLEASE PUHLEASE contact someone! Well, but be careful who you contact.

Ok, I’m going to bed. Sheesh.

*Spills my coffee, that’s what’s brewing….