Well Kiddies, it’s that time again….. PREVIEW! Hope you’re not getting tired of me cuz….. well, I think I’m here to stay. **Whispers… Well, long as the Boss doesn’t find out I’m doing this… So uhm…. Just keep going to the shows like nothing’s going on ok? Don’t mention any of this. Cuz, if you do… well then, there go your previews. So look, the only one that will suffer out of that, is you… Cough… Ok ok, you won’t stop getting your previews… but…. well, just don’t say anything ok? Sheesh!

So you know, it’s getting closer and closer to Sunday. Only three days left til the dancers grace the Winds stage to entertain the stuffing outta you. Everyday I give you another act to preview, well at least a taste of their musical selection and maybe a tiny hint on what’s going on, on stage. But see, I……. have the list of the entire line-up for the evening…. 🙂 …..  just saying now…. Possibly I could be bribed if the incentive was nice enough…. cough… But look, the quickest way to get that line up, or at least the easiest and most rewarding is to be at The Winds of the Sahara on Sunday, Feb. 1st at 5:00PM. Come early… We’ll be waiting for you..

So for the preview: Today, we’re going to take a look at a dancer that is performing to The Neon Trees, I Love You (But I hate your friends). This song has a funky kinda punky kinda pop sound that sounds like something I would listen to with a bunch of girlfriends at a sleep over while we discussed our boyfriends. I’m thinking pink, fluffy pillows, short cute jammies, yeah… short cute jammies. So this dancer, Ms Nova, will be performing with the infamous Mrs Rebecca and Mrs Cyllene. Not much more you can ask for in a performance than that kind of line up. Enjoy the preview….