Hey Everyone! Comin back at ya live with yet another preview! So today Imma bring you something to shakey yur bootie to.

Today’s featured dancer is a sexy ‘lil spitfire who always has something amazingly sassy to deliver. This week will be no different when she graces the stage with a few of her smokin hot friends shakin it to Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars. Yeah, I know ya know it!  (Uptown Funk…. Uptown funk you up…) This amazing dancer is none other than Ms. Red Queen.

This song is clearly a get down feel good song! Hot damn! I always feel like I should be sporting a fedora when I listen to this song, givin it a slight tilt in a Micheal Jackson sorta way… Grins…. (Uptown Funk… Uptown Funk ya up….) Kay kiddies…. bring your Uptown Funk because this will be one act you’ll not want to miss!!

The Winds of the Sahara, Sunday February 1st at 5:00PM…. Come early! We’ll see you there!