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OH NO I GOT LOST!!! Its ok the boss had the camel come find and uncover me, and and and YAY I’m found! So while I was basting in the sun, getting some Vit D and making the boys wait on my ever whim! I started thinking about Sunday’s show!

We had a few SL monster’s but,  we slayed them all! Got a killer crowd! Sexy dancers! Great music! It was an awesome Sunday night fer sure! We had 9 count them! NINE hot dancers to blow your socks off! If you missed it then you are a sad sad puppy!

As you know not only did we get a new venue, we also got a new Hostess with the mostest Miss Annie! She is really putting her best foot forward in learning how to handle all of of us here in the Winds! Welcome Annie!!

So the nice dancers for Sunday’s dance were as followed: Maar, Nova, Red Queen, Selene, lil ole me!, Path, Winnie, Kyshra, and the one and only Mrs Chrissy!

NOW we started off with a BANG and SPARKLES with the Ms Maar. I LOVED the whole Dark cabaret/carnival she picked for this number! It was wowsers!But then again I am a HUGE AHS freak *grins!*  “Carousel” from the TV show America Horror!

Amen was the perfect ewwie clown too! *giggles* No Offence Amen I still think your sexy!!


Now up next was Wind’s own lil song bird Ms Nova! Her rendition of Pink and Adam Lambert’s “Whaudda want from me!” It was so cute! She looked like she was on an school auditorium! I loved it!

She was rawking those pearls and bare feet!


3rd on the sexy list was Ms Red Queen! “I want you to something me” by Letters to Cleo was her pick this week! I think I have a new listen to group! It was so cool how she went from lockers and hallway, to the class room and MADE Path notice her! Haven’t we all felt inviso from time to time?!! Great Job to the Queen!


Now Ms Selene was pretty wicked this week! Her song was at a good ole fashion, honky tonk!! Reminds me of a place I go to from time to time minus all the other sexy ladies shaking then rumps! This made you just want to wiggle and shake and find your cowgirl boots! TY Doll!


Then there was the middle of the show! AND boy oh boy did the SL monster really show its head! BUT we here at winds are total professionals and we kicked arses, and cussed and screamed and beat SL into submission til it worked! I had Mrs. Chrissy, Ms. Nova, Ms Maar and myself! We did an old villa double couples dance (kinda sorta lol) to Powder Blue’s “Doing it right!” It was a load of fun ty ladies!

Up next our sexy bad boy Mr Path and his loverly wife Lotta! They made the Twilight Zone looks pretty wild to say the least! I almost got skeered a lil! I mean when she started to jump on the bed I was at the edge of my seat! WTG you 2!!


LADIES AND GENTS the favorite cookie herself Mssssssssssssssssssssssss Winnie! (Though this week I think shes a pie!) She wiggled and shimmied to  Sia’s “Elastic Heart” I absolutely loved the red robot and the way you made the silhouette red! You most indefinably changed the way I looked at the red light district! Kudos girly!


Ms Kyshra that other Ky girl! She was willlld this week! She was a sexy “Porn Star dancer!” that’s for sure! Her two sexy men hubba hubba! WOW I think I needed to mop a lil extra in the dressing room after that! loved it woman!


Now this next and our last dancer needs a blog all itself for this weeks number! MRS Chrissy! HOLY ****** **** OMG THIS WAS THE BEST THING LIKE EVA!!!! Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” BLEW WINDS OFF THE MAP! OK so it was totally wicked! 6 girls a stage that was like 2 parts and then they dances on top the audience!! Each group of girls took the spot light, but Chrissy you are most defiantly a star above the stars! TY for raising the bar yet again! Woman you amaze me! xoxo

SO folks there it is! A lil late but it was so worth it huh!?! Can’t wait til we amazing you once again this Sunday 5 PM SLT!


So until then, Keep a song in your heart, a smile on you face, and NEVER stop dancing!

❤ Kyra dePoer!