OK so I am bless to the the gal that is able to to the pre-view this week! NOW let me tell you, from the list of dancers and song OH MY GOODNESS we are going to rawk your glitter off!

We have so many great dancers, that at times its very hard to pick the 1st one. So this this week we will be taking a peek into Mr. Path’s dressing room and as we peek into the draws and dig down deep we shall see what he has planned for us!

OK so it was  after a few eanie, meanie, miney, mo’s, cause I couldn’t pick, I *FINALLY* picked to highlight Path for the Tuesday one! Mr Path and his lovely wife are going to me wiggling and shaking to….

Twilight Zone with sound effects! OH I am so excited to see how he is going to do this! I know what ever way he goes, he will nail it! So don’t forget Sunday 5 PM SLT @ The Winds of Sahara! We won’t disappoint!