Hi Everyone! It’s that time again to get all the juicy’s on Sunday’s show! But before we do that, let’s talk about some important stuff. First off, this is my first time blogging for Winds. I’m usually dancing and all the REALLY creative people are doing the writing. So after much begging and pleading, it seems I’ve finally gotten my shot! Sooooo…. make sure you all respond to this blog and let the powers that be know you loved my blog so they let me do this again!

With all that, let me first thank Rebecca Dembo for trusting in me enough to have faith I won’t post anything to terribly insane on here, and also for being the woman behind the sand storm that keeps us all rockin’ every Sunday!

This week was our second show since the “Big Move”! And what a show it was! Heading off the entire production was a new addition to the Winds family, Hostess with the mostess Ms Annie Panties! Uh huh, with a name like that you KNOW this woman is wild fire! Sashaying across that stage introducing and entertaining Ms Panties got everyone’s panties in an uproar! Welcome Annie!

*1-18 Annie

First to grace the stage was our very own Ms Nova all locked up in da joint with all her sexies up there in cell block number 9! Ms Nova and her sexy inmates rocked out a sexy dance to Chicago’s Cell Block Tango. Never ever have I wanted to be locked up; but dang girl! You make handcuffs look like so much fun!

1-18 Nova

Next up was our newest sexy school girl Ms Rina performing to Brittney Spears, Hit me baby one more time! Ms Rina is new to the Winds family but she is taking us by storm every week bringing amazing things to the stage. Come back for her and hit her one more time because I have a strong suspicion Ms Rina has a lot more coming your way! By the way, she knows way more about classrooms and uniforms than most people do….. Eh Rina?

1-18 Rina

Next up, was me, Maar all caged up with a couple male robots looking more sexy than robots have a right to. Smiles….. We all broke out of the cage dancing to Styx, Mr Roboto mixing robotics and new age urban street dance, we rocked this!

1-18 Maar

Our infamous Winnie was up next performing to Jacquie Lee Broken ones. Flawlessly delivering a heart wrenching performance reminding us that we’ve all been broken once. Never did broken look more beautiful. This was definitely a performance that delivered hope, and love, and compassion. What a wonderful message Ms. Winnie! Love the broken ones.

1-18 Winnie

Our fifth performer of the evening was the spectacular Ms Selene performing Black Stone Cherry’s White Trash Millionaire. Living high on the hog Ms Millionaire, I mean Selene rocked out down home style in the sexiest, skimpiest daisy dukes I’ve seen in a long long time. Always one to deliver stellar performances, Ms Selene did it again!

1-18 Selene

Oh… now… Ms Kyra intoxicated us with a performance to Thomas Dolby’s She Blinded me with Science. Now if there’s one thing I know about, it’s lab coats; and I will tell you, I haven’t seen one look so good in a long long time. Ms Kyra stirred and brewed some magical potions that had me hypnotized til the end.

1-18 Kyra

Next up was the sexy Ms Red Queen herself! Now you know we can not go through an entire show without Sl rearing it’s ugly head and challenging someone somewhere in the show. So tonight, it was our Ms Queenie. Being the professional she is, Queenie delivered a flawless performance to Gwen Stefani’s The Great Escape with a beautiful set surrounding a beautiful dancer delivering an amazing performance no matter what that big bad SAM had to offer.

1-18 Queenie

And finally, the closing number of the evening was a jaw dropping performance by none other than the amazing Cyllene to Marilyn Manson’s Personal Jesus. Let me just say this…. Pleasure, is pain. That in itself says it all. Cyllene and her pleasurable friends tantalized us with almost naked bodies writhing with pleasure and pain. There were masks, and whips, and whips, and… well… stuff! Truly amazing as always Cyllene!

PS…. I think Rebecca was sporting a whip in Cyllene’s performance… Ssssssh!

1-18 Cyllene

That concluded our show for the week …. Following the show we all fell in line to the stairs and danced and partied and celebrated because.. well… it’s a great day to be alive! So next time you come see our shows, make sure you come mingle with us and say hi. We hope you found as much enjoyment in watching our performances as we have in performing for you!

Well folks, that’s it … my first ever blog and review for Winds. I will tell you they make this look a lot easier than it is! Adjectives! Adjectives! My thanks to the many that helped me through this and well, erm….. popped my proverbial blogging cherry..  Mrs. Rebecca who has always believed in me and encouraged me and gave me a shot!, Mrs. Chrissy who edited and posted all the photos on this blog, and Mrs. Kyra who held my hand through my *sigh* entire ordeal….. ….. Also, thanks to our many sponsors and supporters and most of all, you! Our audience! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

See ya on the dance floor!