That’s right, the sandstorm has receded, the cleanup completed and a new Winds of the Sahara Cabaret theater has risen from barren desert to claim it’s rightful place among the very best burlesque clubs on the grid!  What once seemed a hopeless dream has come to fruition and we are so very pleased that our wonderful audience has returned to witness our Gran Re-Opening 🙂 If you weren’t here on Sunday you sure missed a fantastic show.

before we get into the review there are some people we would like to thank, without whom this resurrection could not have happened.  I am sure they would prefer to remain nameless but we simply must show them our sincere gratitude.  They are VT (votarn.torvalar), Ļądŷ Ąηèkèè Ӎḁṙςṍηḕ (amouretta) and Kitten (bifromny2012).  They stepped forward and helped us to save the Winds, in addition to many, many others who offered their assistance in this trying time.  Next are our performers and hostess who hung in there when the future was filled with uncertainty.  And finally there is you, our audience, without whom there would be no Winds.  Thank you all for your patience as we moved our venue.  We hope you will continue to enjoy our very special brand of entertainment.  We do it all for you!  Now, on with the review…

Once again gracing our stage, welcoming all who entered, giving us her usual witty words, and keeping this train rolling down the tracks was our amazing hostess, Diiar.  We sometimes take for granted just how important she is to our shows when she is not dancing but without her our shows would rapidly descend into dumpster fires. Thank you for all you do, my favorite Danish 🙂


Our first performer of the evening was the always entertaining Queenie, performing to Cake’s cover of the classic song “I Will Survive”.  Dancing against a backdrop of images of survival, love and loss, it was a wonderful opening to the show, and quite fitting if I may say so myself as we have survived our own ordeal so very recently.  Great job Queenie!


Our second performer to take the stage was one of our newer dancers, the lovely Rina.  Now I have not seen many of her performances but I already can see that Rina is one to keep an eye on.  I expect great things to come from her.  Our own Queen of Hearts dazzled us as she lured us in to her Mad World to the tune “Poker Face” from Lady Gaga.


Up next was our volcano of sexual energy just waiting to erupt, the scintillating Kyshra.  I’ve seen her as a demon, a zombie, a….well….you name it and she is always dripping with sex appeal.  Tonight we were treated to her dance to George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone” and was she ever!  And as always, you know you can expect to see a little skin when Kyshra performs and she did not let us down.  Just WOW…


Following on Kyshra’s heels was on of my favorite people(and dancer), Nova.  Performing to the song “It’s A Hard Knock Life”, Our lovely orphan really nailed it with this dance.  Along with a few of her friends, she made even being stuck in an orphanage look like a fun time.  Who knew Annie could be so damn sexy?


Next to take the stage were everyone’s favorite couple, Lotta and Path.  Fresh off their amazing 50’s show over at the Paramount Theater, they dipped back into the past with a fantastic performance of the classic “Singing in the Rain”.  Guess it was the rain that made Lotta’s clothes fall off, not that anyone was complaining 🙂


Don’t ya just love Winds shows?  All this wonderful entertainment and we were only halfway through the show!  Starting the second half of our show was one of my favorites and yours too, the smokin’ hot Myth.  Now some people get distracted watching her strip but this woman creates some of the best performances in all of SL burlesque.  Next time you see her, take a moment to pry your eyes off her naked body and have a gander at her set and the wonderful choreography.  Tonight’s dance was no different.  Accompanied by some evil looking werewolves(at least I think they were werewolves…never can tell in Second Life.  They may have been giant rabid squirrels.), Myth blew us away with a cover of the incredible song, “Closer”, this time done by…well….I have no clue who it was, but I know it was sexy as hell.


After cleaning up the werewolf(rabid squirrel) droppings and the drool off the audiences’ chins, we welcomed the always entertaining Winnie to the stage.  Her set tonight was an almost welcome departure from the pure sex sexuality of many of our(mostly innocent and pure) artists.  Performing to “Ghost” by Ella Henderson, she provided us with an incredible scene, though I fear for the safety of that swan.  I saw how the gator was eyeballing him.  I promise PETA, no wildlife was harmed during the course of Winnie’s performance….


At this point we only had a few more acts to go but boy did they deliver.  Next onstage was the incredibly talented Maar.  I am so happy she has joined our crazy family here at Winds.  Her sets are always stunning and she is definitely a crowd pleaser.  Visiting Wonderland for the second time this evening, Maar performed to the song “Her Name is Alice”, though Alice never looked so amazingly sexy.  great job girl!


Our next to last performer of the night was the always sexy, sometimes whimsical, Kyra.  I just knew this would be a fun one when I saw she was using the song “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” by the Georgia Satellites.  Her lovestruck paramour should have heeded her warnings but….men….  I almost felt bad for him when she knee’d him in the twins(see evidence of this below)…almost.  take notice men, when Kyra says to keep your hands to yourself you just might wanna listen.


Our final performer of the evening was that crackpot redhead with delusions of grandeur, Cyllene.  Bringing some friends with her, she crawled, slinked and worshiped at the feet of…..well, you kinda had to be there to see it.  The song:  “Desire” by Meg Myers.  The performance: animalistic.  But what else would you expect at Winds?


And that concluded our grand Re-Opening.  We hope you had as much fun watching it as we had bringing it to you, our loyal audience.  I would like to send out a special thanks to our wonderful friend Rhi for once again sponsoring our show.  If you haven’t yet, take time to go check out her store, Angelic Visions Antiques.  She has some really lovely items.  You can find an LM to her shop at the entrance to the Winds theater.

One last thing: keep an eye out on the blog this week.  We will be posting a poll soon so that you can help us choose our themed show for February.

See you all next Sunday at 5 PM SLT for another evening of unforgettable entertainment here at the Winds of the Sahara Cabaret!