OH MY GOODDDNESSS IT’S ALMOST TIME! It’s been 5 weeks! Count them 5 LONG, cold, boring, le sighs weeks, since the winds last show! I know it feels like foreva! *~places my hand to my forehead in a dramatic gesture~* I.m not sure about anyone else, but this chick is SO ready to put on my boogie shoes once again and grab a few victims, ermm I mean sweet, kind dance partners for the next few weeks!

IF you have not seen the club yet, you NEED TO! Rebecca and Chrissy worked their fingers to the bones on this one! ITS TOTALLY Fab! Now don’t get me wrong, the old Winds was great, but we are on to bigger and better! So grab your wallets, the glitter and a camel and be prepared to have your socks RAWKED!

SO tomorrow, Jan 11th 2015 We will have apox. 10 DANCERS for the coming out show! I mean we closed with 12 and open with almost as much! HOW cool is that!??! Well We are so excited here at the winds. Finishing up the last dusting and replacing windows! (I AM STILL LOOKING FOR MY WINDOW THAT THEY HID! Might put out a ransom for it!!) So make sure you are hear Early and get a good comfy throne!

So until tomorrow night hugs and lots of glitter!
The “Special” Ky