Today The Winds began to move in and set up in its new home and location. As with most things when the winds of change blows. the change can be very subtle or it can be very drastic. For the Winds this time the Winds of change made a pretty drastic change. It uprooted us from our birth place in the sim of “Falorir” With a mighty sand storm leaving us running with what little we could grab. We ran for the mountains the sim “Mineral Mountain” seeking refuge from the storm. As the storm passed and we ventured out seeking to find our home when we saw what looked the Winds from a distance. As we drew closer we discovered the storm had uncovered yet another treasure in the desert and we rushed inside before night fall to find it had been deserted. We quickly pulled out Winds flag AKA Logo and staked claim to the building calling it the new home of the Winds. Once our astrologers pin point our location we will send you a star chart  AKA LandMark so you can find us. Do not worry we assure you the camels were not harmed during this massive strom.